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Maestro PGAI Legato a Gardagolf Country Club dal 1986 Storico Maestro di molti campioni internazionali tra cui Matteo Manassero - See more at:
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Andrea Maestroni was born in Bergamo on December 5, 1976. He started playing golf at the age of 10 years, followed by his father Franco Maestroni, master holder Gardagolf and today recognized as one of the best masters in Italy. He obtained a high school diploma and fluent English and French

Before you engage in international tournaments from 1999 to 2003 he attended with success the National School of Golf acquiring the title of Master. Considered one of the strongest Italian athletes in the sport, is part of the National Professional Team and its name is supported by prestigious brands such as: Conte of Florence, Jhonny-Lambs, Lacoste, Goldenpoint, Briko, Bridgestone, Mizuno, Titleist, Foot -Joy, Ruffino, Roda and Rbm.

As an amateur, with the National Team, he won the International Trophy Junior Leopoldo Varasi thus winning the Nations Thropy (Edoardo Molinari) in 1996 and the National Championship Foursome (with Marco Bernardini) in 1997 and the Amateur Championship Match Play in 1998, where he turned professional. Between 1999 and 2000 he began to face the first international tournaments by participating in eight tournaments on the Challenge Tour, coming 14th in the Omnium Championship, 25th in the Championship PGAI, 38th and 47th at the Open of Thessaly in SanPaolo Life Open.

In 2001, it ranks 33rd in SanPaolo Life Open (Challenge Tour). Participate in the Alps Tour with 3rd place in the Open Donau, 12th in Bipop Carire Open and 15th in Selesta Open. Accessed brilliantly to the Final Qualifying School European Tour.

In 2002 dispute some matches in Challenge Tour finishing 34th at the Open des Volcans; and 42 ° at the Open of Thessaly. The Alps Tour is 6th in Quattroruote Open.

And 'in the Challenge Tour in 2003 with the best results in Thessaly / Metaponto Open (15th) and in the Terme Euganee Open (27th) and 60th Telecom Italian Open (66th). The Alps Tour is 2nd in the Open Packaging. Coming 13th in the Italian order of merit.

In 2004 he devoted himself entirely the Alps Tour: wins International de Marcilly, is 2nd in the Masters and 13 at the Open Cote d'Armor Bretagne, 5th in the Trophee Maroc, 11th in the Memorial Barras, 12th in the Open Gestnord and Gosser Open, 14th at the Open de Gourvenec, Intercontinental Open and the PGA Challenge Maroc and imposes itself in the order of merit of the Tour. At year end, it defends the color blue in the World Cup with Alessandro Tadini (Italy 17th ). Ending 24th in Qualifiying School and get the 'paper' for the European Tour. It occupies the 4th place in the order of about Italian.

In 2005 alternates between European Tour (41 ° Open de Andalucia, 48th European Masters) and Challenge Tour (23 ° Moroccan Classic). Sull'Alps Tour is 5th in the Memorial Barras and 14th in Open Le Pavoniere. Fouri tour is 2nd in Championship Omnium.

In 2006, again in the Challenge Tour: participate in 18 tournaments, surpassing nine cuts with the 7th place in the Moroccan Classic and 11th in the Credit Suisse Challenge. And 'second in Memorial Barras (Alps Tour) and the Omnium Championship. Wins AZ of professionals.

In 2007 he was 4th in the Championship Omnium and the Challenge Tour exceeds four cuts (41 ° Telenet Trophy). He wins for the second time the AZ of professionals. Try to qualify for the Asian Tour but the 2nd Stage fails to win one of 46 cards available.

In the years following the dispute a few races due to personal problems. In 2008 8th in Memorial Barras (Alps Tour), in 2009 he won the championship with Double PGAI cousin Nicholas Maestroni, He moved for three months in the US working closely with Mike Bender (one of the 10 best American instructors and coaches Zach Johnson). Back with a great end result manages to win the card for the 2010 season on the Challenge Tour and Europen Tour.

In 2010 he participated in various tournaments of the circuit more including BMW Italian Open (64th), Saint-Omer Open (75th), Australian Golf Open (26th) and nine other tournaments chellenge and the excellent result to Open National Championships (7th).

In 2011 he took part in three major tournaments of the tour and then returns to play with a certain continuity in the Challenge Tour and ranks sixth in the Mugello Tuscany Open and the Russian Challenge Cup and seventh in the Telenet Trophy and finished 82 th in the money list. In October, he won the Championship PGAI, then is tenth in the Open Championship.

Start 2012 with the 47th place in the Sicilian Open (European Tour) which is also named the best Italian in the race, then dispute eight races in the Challenge Tour and finished 13th in the Challenge de España and 16 ° Challenge in the Province of Varese. At year end, a third place at the Memorial O. Barras and two ninth places in the Championship PGAI and the Open Championship.

In 2013 extends the Challenge Tour, the Alps Tour and in the ECCO Tour. The second circuit continental goes three times a prize, in five races, with the 35th place in the Challenge de España, the 39th in the Mugello Tuscany Open and 57th in the Swiss Challenge. Part very well the Alps Tour with third place in the Red Sea Ain Bay Open and the fourth in the Red Sea Little Venice Open to which adds the eighth in the Matterhorn Open, the 13th nell'Asiago Open, the 22 th in the Gosser Open and 31 ° at the Open de Las Castillas. Good performance even in the ECCO Tour with the fifth place in the Mediter Real Estate Masters and 14th in the ECCO Spanish Open. He tries to defend the primacy At Memorial O. Barras but after the playoffs had to settle for 2nd place. Outside the continental circuits it is fourth in the Open Championship. The 36th place in the money list gives him the 'paper' for the Alps Tour 2014 End third in the order of merit of the Italian Pro Tour. At the European Tour Qualifying School exceeds Stage 1 (sixth to Bogogno GC) and Stage 2 (11 ° to the GC Valle Romano in Spain), but in the end it comes to the cut after four rounds.

In 2014 participates in the M2M Russian Open dell'Europen Tour (51 minutes) then it splits between Alps Tour and Challenge Tour. He began this season in the second circuit where it is 16 ° in Gosser Open, 29th in the Peugeot Open and 38th in the Red Sea El Ein Bay Open. In the Challenge Tour is 44th nell'Aegean Airlines Challenge, 51st in the M2M Russian Open and 57th in the Challenge de España. Out tour wins for the second time the Italian Championship PGAI, ending second in the Championship and fourth in the Masters PGAI Open National Championships. Exits the Stage 1 of the European Tour Qualifying School and resumes the "paper" for the Alps Tour, he had lost, with the 15th place at the end of the Qualifying School.

In 2015 he participates full time to the Alps Tour with 18 tournaments, finishing 7th in the Order of merit, winning the Challenge Tour card for 2016. These are the main results, wins the Open de Saint-Francois Region Guadeloupe, 4th in Frassanelle Open, 8th the Alps Tour Mont Garni, 3rd in Servizitalia Open, 9th in the Alps de Andalucia, in the Citadelle Trophy 7th and 9th at the Open International de Marcilly and other good placings. Vince prequalification of 72 ° Italian Open (despite having already won the right to participate thanks to the second place in the order of Merit). Won the 3rd place in both the National Championship in the Italian Championship Open which PGAI.