Nino Bertasio was born in Zurich on July 30th 1988. His first really successful year as an amateur was in 2008, when he won the National Championship medal, the Italian Match Play and the Italian International Championships. He was a member of the Gardagolf Italian champion team in Serie A2 (2007) and Serie A1 (2008 and 2009). During his time on the Italian team he played excellently in many international tournaments. In March 2010 he won the individual cup in the European Nations Championship tournament Copa R.C.G Sotogrande, at the Real Club de Golf Sotogrande in Spain, putting Italy in second place in the team ranking.

In 2008 he was a member of the Italian team that ranked fourth in the World Amateur Team Championships, alongside Federico Colombo and Andrea Pavan, equalling the best ever Italian result achieved by the trio Francesco Molinari, Edoardo Molinari and Matteo Delpodio in Puerto Rico in 2004. As an amateur Bertasio competed in several tournaments with professionals, including the BMW Italian Open, achieving very good results, in particular seventh place in the Feudo di Asti Open (Alps Tour, 2009).

In February 2011 he won the Cimar Open Samanah in Morocco (EPD Tour), his first tournament as a professional, and finished the season with a great performance in the Open Championship. On the EPD Tour he took 13th place in the Auto Hall Open, 15th in the Christnach Classic, 19th in the Pfaffing Classic, 24th in the Open Mogador and 27th in the Preis de Hardenberg. He qualified for the Allianz Pro Tour with 18th place at the Qualifying School. He was invited to participate in several tournaments on the Challenge Tour, arriving in the final on four occasions, his best result being 37th place in the Karnten Open.

In January 2012, he tried qualifying for the Asian Tour, but despite reaching the final (84th) he did not succeed. He played on the Challenge Tour, taking eighth place in the Credit Suisse Challenge, 26th in the Open Cote D'armor Bretagne and 46th in the Russian Challenge. He ranked 10th in the Open Championship, seventh in the Alps Tour qualification tournament and 58th in the final.

In 2013 he reattempted the Qualifying School for the Asian Tour: he arrived in the final, but once again failed to qualify. He played on the Alps Tour, taking seventh place in both the Alps de Andalucia and the Open International Du Haut Poitou, 10th in the Is Molas Sardinia Open, 11th in the Umbria Open, 14th in the Masters 13 and 19th in the Red Sea Little Venice Open. He also arrived in the final at the Citadelle Trophy (27th) and the Open de St. François (37th). He took part in several events on the Ecco Tour, the Alps Tour equivalent and one of the circuits of the Satellite Tours, ranking 29th in the Mediter Real Estate Masters and 31st in the Ecco Spanish Open. He played extremely well in the National Open Championship (6th). He requalified for the Alps Tour with 32nd place in the order of merit, while he didn’t make the cut at Stage 1 of the Qualifying School for the European Tour. He finished fifth in the money list of the Italian Pro Tour.

He dominated the 2014 season on the Alps Tour, where he won two tournaments in a row (a feat that only one other Italian, Emmanuel Lattanzi in 2003, had achieved in the past): the Open de Saint François Region Guadeloupe and the Asiago Open, excelling in the order of merit. He ranked among the top ten on seven other occasions: second in both the Alps Tour Colli Berici and the Open International de Haut-Poitou, third in the Servizitalia Open and the Alps de Andalucia, fifth in the Gosser Open and the Open La Pinetina/Memorial Bordoni and tenth in the Citadelle Trophy International. He also made it onto the money list with 14th place in Open International de la Mirabelle d'Or, 22nd  in the Alps de Las Castillas, 24th  in the Red Sea Open Little Venice, 29th  in the Masters 13, 37th in the Peugeot Open and 40th  in the Red Sea El Ein Bay Open. Off the circuit he finished third in the Open Championship and tenth in the PGAI Championship. He arrived at Stage 2 of the Qualifying School for the European Tour and was first by a large margin in the money list of the Italian Pro Tour.