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Maestro PGAI Legato a Gardagolf Country Club dal 1986 Storico Maestro di molti campioni internazionali tra cui Matteo Manassero - See more at:

His first contact with the world of golf was at the Villa d'Este Golf Club in 1976, where at the age of 7 he took his first lessons in the game with his father / club instructor.

He played on the National Italian Amateur team for many years, competing in both national and international tournaments.

In 1988 he attended the National Golf School in Rome, turning professional and obtaining  a Class A Instructor Diploma.

For many years he played the Open championships  on the European Challenge Tour, and he was a member of the National Professional Golf team in 1998.

Since 1993 he has been working as an instructor at the Gardagolf Country Club.



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